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Varieties & Hybrids of Mango

developed at IIHR


Arka UDAYA - New release !

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  1. A new late-season variety of mango ‘Arka Udaya’ has been identified by the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR)

  2. It is a sweet, high-yielding variety of mango with a long shelf-life.

  3. It can stay fresh at room temperature for about 10 days without refrigeration.

  4. It is a late-season variety and yields after other mango fruit trees have stopped fruition. The tree bears fruit every year.

  5. The yield was high at around eight tonnes. The trees were planted at a density of five by five metres.”

  6. Arka Udaya is a hybrid made by crossing Arka Amprapali with Arka Anmol, both varieties released from IIHR earlier.

  7. Arka Amprapali is a hybrid from Dasheri and Neelam so it is sweet and the pulp can be scooped out and eaten. Arka Anmol is a cross from Alphonso and Janardhan Pasand.

  8. Arka Udaya has all the good traits of these varieties.