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Varieties & Hybrids

Developed on Mango


Mango: It is the most important fruit crop in India having socio-economic significance.  It is known as King of fruits owing to delicious quality of fruit rich in vitamins and minerals.  Several high yielding hybrids/varieties in Mango were developed and released by IIHR, Bengaluru.


Arka Neelkiran


It is the progeny from the cross Alphonso x Neelum. It is a late season variety, fruits come to harvest during last week of June. Tree is semi-vigorous in nature. Fruit is elliptic in shape, medium sized weighing on an average about 270-280g. ... Read more


Arka Aruna


Fruit weighs on an average about 500 g. Pulp is pale yellow in colour, free from fibre and spongy tissue. Pulp recovery is about 80%. TSS is around 20°Brix. . . . . Read more.




Arka Udaya (New release)


A new late-season variety of mango ‘Arka Udaya’ has been identified and  recently released by IIHR. It is a sweet, high-yielding variety of mango with a long shelf-life. It can stay fresh at room temperature for about 10 days without refrigeration. . . . Read more

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