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Molecular characterization

Mango germplasm characterization


Molecular barcodes for 32 mango germplasm have been generated by CHES, Bhubaneswar in collaboration with the IIHR, Bengaluru. The germplasm showed variation in their genetic makeup. The molecular barcode of Arka Neelachal Kesari was different from Gulabkhas.

        Molecular characterisation

Gene expression and analysis

The diversity and genetic relatedness of mango genotypes from north-eastern region of India were analyzed using selected eight microsatellite markers. Ninety SSR markers from whole genome sequence data, were tested employing 64 mango genotypes and four Mangifera species, for determination of polymorphism and cross species amplification. We identified 2103 alleles, and allele number per locus ranged from 15 to 36. The majority of these markers amplified DNA in the related species and transferability was 94.4 to 98.8 per cent. The present study has increased sequence coverage of the mango genome and the number of mango specific SSR markers. This is also the first report of the development of genomic SSR markers in mango using next generation sequencing technology. The genomic SSR markers identified in this study will be useful in diversity, identification, mapping and breeding studies


Chracterisation of indegenous mango varieties.

A catalogue on 47 'Appemidi' mango pickling varieties was brought out under the RKVY project on 'Characterization of indigenous mango varieties'. The catalogue contains information on morphological and molecular characterization. It has information also on chemical profiling of these varieties.
Molecular characterization was carried out for 48 varieties of northeastern region under the DBT project “Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Wild and Indigenous Mango Varieties of Indo-Burma Region (North- Eastern Region)”.
Characterization of 18 indigenous seedling mango varieties was carried out under the 'DUS testing of mango'.