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        Arka Udaya


Crop Improvement - Arka Udaya

The hybrid H-12 from the parentage Amrapali x Arka Anmol was identified by 'Varietal Identification Committee' of the Institute and named as Arka Udaya. It has semi-vigorous growth habit with medium sized fruits (230-240 g). It produces fruits in clusters. Pulp is firm, orange yellow with a TSS of 24 - 25  o Brix. The fruits have excellent keeping quality.


Characterization of indigenous mango varieties

A catalogue on 47 'Appemidi' mango pickling varieties was brought out under the RKVY project on 'Characterization of indigenous mango varieties'. The catalogue contains information on morphological and molecular characterization. It has information also on chemical profiling of these varieties.


Molecular characterization was carried out for 48 varieties of northeastern region under the DBT project “Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Wild and Indigenous Mango Varieties of Indo-Burma Region (North - Eastern Region)”. Characterization of 18 indigenous seedling mango varieties was carried out under the 'DUS testing of mango'