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Machineries for mango

Harvesting tools, machineries for pickle making, machineries and hot water treatment plant for mango




India is the largest producer of mango and about 23 lakh hectare of land is under cultivation of mango. The mango harvester for mango and tractor operated hydraulic platform have been developed for harvesting mangoes from tall trees. The mango harvester harvests mango with 1-2 cm long pedicle, it needs less force to harvest the fruit and shelf life of the fruit is increased by 3-4 days. About 100 kg of mango fruits can be harvested in one hour. Mangoes are stored for 8- 10 days in pulp making industry for ripening. There is post harvest loss by fruit fly and anthracnose infestation. The mango pulp industry have established in a big way. About 1.5 lakh tonnes of pulp with a value of Rs. 621 crore is being exported per year. About 63 thousand tonne mango worth Rs. 210 crore is being exported from India. The fruits treated with hot water have lesser post harvest loss. The hot water treatment plant is for mango export and pulp industry. The treatment can be given to reduce storage losses due to anthracnose and fruit fly. This also reduces the time for ripening the fruits for pulp industry hence the fruit inventory is reduced to almost half.


        Pruning operation



Root media sieving and Bag filling machine: manual

     Manually operated, it can be motorized

     To sieve and clean rooting media

     To fill the polythene bags for fruit nursery

     Operators : 2 Nos

     Capacity : 200 – 250 bags per hour


Root media sieving and Bag filling machine: Motorized machine

      To sieve, mix and fill rooting media

      To fill the polythene bags for fruit nursery

      Operators : 3 Nos

      Capacity :  Around 700 bags per hour

Manual – harvester

      Manually operated

      It has cutting blade and collecting net

      To harvest mangoes with 1-2 cm pedicel

      Increases shelf life of mangoes

      Capacity : 100 -150 kg/h

Tractor operated hydraulic platform – pruning

This tractor operated hydraulic platform is having a variable height of upto 6m. The fruits can be easily harvested from a height of 9-10m. The platform can also be used for pruning and spraying of the orchards.

      To rejuvenate senile orchard through pruning

      Tractor hydraulic operated

       Helps operator to reach 20 feet

       Engine operated pruners are used for pruning

       Capacity : 1 - 2 trees / hour


Tractor operated hydraulic platform - Spraying

       To do spraying operation in orchard

      Tractor operated sprayer fitted with spray tank in trailer

      Helps operator to reach 20 feet

      Capacity : Approx. 5 min / tree


Dipping tool for spongy tissue

    Arka Saka Nivirak of 125 ml / litre of water

    40-60 % maturity stage of fruits at 10 days intervals

•    15 seconds to treat one or two mangoes

    Cost of IIHR Mango Fruit Dipping Tool is Rs.3000

    Cost of operation : Rs.0.50 – 0.60 per fruit dipping

    Rs. 1.25 per fruit in spraying



      Operators can harvest mango by hand plucking, using mango harvester branch shaking using collecting net

       Helps operator to reach upto 20 feet

       Platform can be stopped at desired height

       Capacity : 500 – 750 kg/ h



        Grades mangoes into 4 sizes

       Pipes with divergent gap used to do size grading

       Dumped mangoes roll on the pipes gravitationally to slope

       Capacity : 1 tonne/h




        Cuts slices into 4 to 8 slices depending on mango size.

       Capacity – 1 tonne/hour

       Operators reqd. – 2 Nos.

       3 man-hrs required to slice & transport 1T mango on slicer

       16  man-hours required to cut one tonne mango manually


       Capacity – 200 kg/hour   

      Cost benefit ratio 1:5

      Suitable for chutney and pickle industry


Hot water treatment plant for mango

      Hot water tub with electric heaters to treat in crates

      Control of Fruit fly– 46C for 65 minutes duration

      Control of Anthracnose – 52C for 10 minutes duration

      Capacity - 1 tonne/hour for control of anthracnose

      200 kg/hour for control of fruit fly



Hot water treatment plant



   Evacuated tube type solar hot water system of 1000 l has been integrated with mango hot water treatment plant to save electrical energy 30 -45 % depending on the temperature.