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Developed for Mango


Mango : It is the most important fruit crop in India having socio-economic significance.  It is known as king of fruits owing to delicious quality of fruit rich in vitamins and minerals.  Ancient Indian valued mango not merely for its sentiment or religious consideration, but they realized its importance in economic and cultural life of the society.


Mango Special :

A technology for foliar nutrition of micro nutrients for higher and quality yields

Due to excessive use of DAP fertilizers and introduction of high yielding cultivars, deficiency of micronutrients has become a major problem. However, very few farmers use micronutrient fertilizer . . . Read more

Spongy Tissue :

Causative factor for the development of spongy tissue, a major physiological disorder in Alphonso mango found.

The cause of spongy tissue formation in Alphonso mango was identified for the first time in the world. Physiological & biochemical studies have firmly established that the disorder caused due to premature onset of germination-associated. . . Read more

Mango fruit fly & Stone weevil management:

IPM technologies for management of mango fruit fly and stone weevil.

An IPM involving crop sanitation, male annihilation technique and  pre and post harvest treatments was standardized for management of Oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis in mango. .... Read more

Pheromone trap for mango fruit fly :

Farmer friendly fruit fly trap developed at IIHR

As a monitoring tool for the fruit fly Bactrocera spp, a convenient polythene sachet trap using plywood impregnated pheromone chemical and insecticide was developed by IIHR..... Read more

Mango Squash :

A fruit based beverage

Developed and standardized protocols for preparation of osmo-dehydrated products. .... Read more

Machineries developed for mango :

Mango harvesters, hot water treatment plant for mango, pickle making machineries

Mangoes are stored for 8- 10 days in pulp making industry for ripening. There is post harvest loss by fruit fly and anthracnose infestation. The mango pulp industry have established in a big way... Read more

Embryo rescue :

Hybrid embryo cultures have been developed from mango

During wide hybridization in plant breeding, crosses often do not result in hybrid plants because of embryo abortion.... Read more